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Adviser to Ave Maria Mutual Funds Pays Tribute to Phyllis Schlafly, Catholic Advisory Board Member

September 7, 2016 – PLYMOUTH, Michigan.

Ave Maria Mutual Funds is saddened by the passing of Phyllis Schlafly, a long‐time member of the funds’ Catholic Advisory Board. Mrs. Schlafly was named by Ladies’ Home Journal as one of the 100 most important women of the 20th century. Such recognition was due in part to her founding of Eagle Forum, a national volunteer, non‐profit, pro‐life, pro‐family advocacy organization. She was a world‐renowned author & editor of numerous books on subjects as varied as family and feminism, nuclear strategy, education and the judicial system. She was also a Constitutional lawyer. Her work for the pro‐life movement and other conservative causes spanned decades and her contributions are too numerous to mention.

George P. Schwartz, CFA, Chairman and CEO of Schwartz Investment Counsel, Inc., said, “We have been honored to have Phyllis serve on the Catholic Advisory Board and her contributions will be missed.” Paul Roney, Chairman of the Catholic Advisory Board stated, “Phyllis was a highly‐respected voice in Catholic and conservative circles and it was great to have her working with the Ave Maria Mutual Funds. She was committed to pro‐life and pro‐family causes and she will be greatly missed.”

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