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About Us

Experienced Investment Professionals

Schwartz Investment Counsel, Inc. serves as investment adviser to the Ave Maria Mutual Funds. The Firm is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Founded in 1980 by George P. Schwartz, CFA, the Firm is committed to providing superior investment counsel to families and fiduciaries that choose to employ a disciplined approach to investing. Securities for the Funds are selected based on sound investment fundamentals and pro-life Catholic values. Gaining access to professional money managers is one of the key reasons investors choose to invest in mutual funds. Ave Maria Mutual Funds offer professional money management and more.

Pro-Life, Pro-Family Philosophy

Our Funds take a pro-life and pro-family approach to investing, with a proprietary moral screening process that examines corporate compliance with Catholic teaching regarding abortion, pornography, and policies that undermine the sacrament of marriage. Investments are made only in companies whose operations do not violate core teachings of the Roman Catholic Church as determined by the Funds’ Catholic Advisory Board.

Smart Investing and Catholic Values

The no-load Ave Maria Mutual Funds are managed with the philosophy that investors shouldn’t have to sacrifice financial performance for their pro-life and pro-family beliefs. We look for the best investments that we can find and then apply a proprietary moral screening process determined by the Funds’ Catholic Advisory Board. Our investment management team is very experienced in navigating the financial markets and the Catholic Advisory Board contains experts on the teachings of the Church. All of us are committed to this important work. Together, it’s a powerful combination of Smart Investing and Catholic Values.