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Our Funds

Five different Ave Maria Mutual Funds are available to help you reach your long-term investment objectives.
The Ave Maria Money Market Account is available for your cash reserves and offers check writing.

To learn more about a specific fund, please click on a fund’s name on the chart below.

For 2015 year-end distributions, click here.

Ave Maria World Equity Fund (AVEWX)
AVEWX Commentary (PDF) AVEWX Fact Sheet (PDF)
Ave Maria Opportunity Fund (AVESX) AVESX Commentary (PDF) AVESX Fact Sheet (PDF)
Ave Maria Growth Fund (AVEGX) AVEGX Commentary (PDF) AVEGX Fact Sheet (PDF)
Ave Maria Catholic Values Fund (AVEMX) AVEMX Commentary (PDF) AVEMX Fact Sheet (PDF)
AVEDX Fact Sheet (PDF)
Ave Maria Rising Dividend Fund (AVEDX) AVEDX Commentary (AVEDX)
Ave Maria Bond Fund (AVEFX) AVEFX Commentary (PDF) AVEFX Fact Sheet (PDF)
Ave Maria Money Market Account Ave Maria Money Market Account Fact Sheet (PDF)