Fund Family Profile

Who We Are

  • Largest Catholic mutual fund family in the U.S.
  • Diverse group of five funds that enable investors to align financial goals with moral beliefs
  • Value investors utilizing proprietary criteria to screen out companies that promote or support activities contrary to the core moral teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Place equal emphasis on investment performance and moral criteria in selecting securities
  • Serve institutional and individual investors
  • Advised by Schwartz Investment Counsel, Inc., a registered investment adviser established in 1980
  • Professional portfolio managers and analysts average over 20 years of investment experience
  • 100% no-load mutual fund family

Our Funds

Fund Morningstar Category Goal Investment Focus Managers Inception Date
Rising Dividend Fund
Large Blend Long-term capital appreciation and a rising stream of dividend payments Dividend-paying common stocks Richard L. Platte, Jr., CFA
George P. Schwartz, CFA
Growth Fund
Mid-Cap Blend Long-term capital appreciation Mid-cap and larger companies offering above-average potential for growth in revenues, profits and cash flow Brian D. Milligan, CFA
Richard L. Platte, Jr., CFA
Value Fund
Mid-Cap Blend Long-term capital appreciation Companies believed to be undervalued relative to their intrinsic worth Timothy S. Schwartz, CFA
George P. Schwartz, CFA
Joseph W. Skornicka, CFA
World Equity Fund
World Stock Long-term capital appreciation Companies of all capitalizations from around the world Joseph W. Skornicka, CFA
Robert C. Schwartz, CFP®
Bond Fund
Intermediate-term Bond Preservation of principal with a reasonable level of current income Primarily domestic investment-grade debt of government and corporate issuers and may invest up to 20% of its assets in equity securites Brandon S. Scheitler
Richard L. Platte, Jr., CFA

What Makes Us Different

  • All investments are screened to eliminate any company engaged in abortion, pornography, embryonic stem cell research, or those that make corporate contributions to Planned Parenthood
  • Our Catholic Advisory Board is comprised of prominent Catholics who establish our moral screening process
  • We provide a vehicle for investors who want to align their investments with their moral beliefs
  • Award-winning investment performance

What We Do for Our Shareholders

  • Help investors to preserve and grow their wealth without violating their moral beliefs
  • Provide pro-life, pro-family investments that enable investors to potentially achieve strong long-term returns
  • Manage money in a value-oriented manner

Mutual Fund Assets Under Management ($MM)